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Healthcare Mobile App Development

Healthcare is one of the most demanded professional fields on a global scale. People need medicine everywhere, at all times and various healthcare services will always be popular and requested.

Healthcare is one of the most demanded professional fields on a global scale. People need medicine everywhere, at all times and various healthcare services will always be popular and requested.

Healthcare is one of the most demanded professional fields on a global scale. People need medicine everywhere, at all times and various healthcare services will always be popular and requested. Considering the rapid development of IT industry and advanced everyday capabilities, mobile software dedicated to providing an immediate connection with a doctor, healthy way of life tips, or medicine and hardware commerce goes along as well. In this article, we’ll discuss the specifics of healthcare application development - highlight all the nuances and answer crucial questions by sharing our useful tips.

6 tips on the creation of healthcare mobile app

Take a look at the following tips, these will help you create a really thought-out, working healthcare mobile app and avoid the common pitfalls.

Ask yourself - what user issues will the future app be able to solve?

Any investments are at a great risk when the main goal of the mobile software development is increased popularity of the niche (without a doubt, 99% of people, to put it roughly, literally won’t leave their portable gadgets to the rest). You might guess how many projects without the marketing strategy composed beforehand failed in demand. That’s many. And that’s exactly why if you want to create a really successful project, think about the particular issues your app will help users solve.

Generally speaking, health concerns are pretty common among the vast majority of people. Users may need capabilities to look for approved doctors or medical centers, schedule meetings with doctors, compose a balanced diet, get physical education tips. All in all, everything that can help prevent disease or cure it will be pretty much demanded if composed and delivered properly.

Compare your concept with competitor solutions

Once you’ve analyzed your concept, it’s important to juxtapose it with those provided by other vendors in the healthcare niche. Your future project must, obviously, have a unique feature to stand out among others. Notice that a mere fresh approach to the concept implementation can be that feature, not necessarily an advanced functionality (sometimes, competitor products are getting outdated and the capabilities of the latest version of this product mustn’t be something to take an example from).

Define your target audience

This is a pretty difficult moment. The thing is that many people interested in applications of the discussed type aren’t really fans of the healthy way of life. It can also be the ones that had to face health issues either personally or dealing with a member of their family and are now trying to resolve them. That’s why it isn’t reasonable to focus on the single audience interested in sports products or bodybuilding.

On the other hand, you already have your own successfully growing business in the niche (e.g. medical center), hospital app development will be an excellent way to boost your service quality and expand your TA reach.

Think on how to make the design utterly accessible and intuitive

Healthcare apps focused on the prompt interaction with doctors must have an utterly accessible interface which requires no more than 3 steps to make the targeted action. That’s why the ‘immediate contact’ button (for a call or online chat) must be visible and accessible on any page or tab of your created hospital mobile application.

Moreover, consider also that people of different ages and with the different experience of using a mobile device will be using your app (a caring son may as well install your healthcare app on his old mother’s phone, which is normally used exclusively for phone calls). It is important to understand how to structure the functionality the way that even an inexperienced user would be able to figure everything out from the get-go. Particularly, we’d recommend paying attention to such useful elements as mega-menu, navigation bar, pop-up windows, etc. Don’t forget to employ dynamically updated content if you can - the less time you make a user wait until pages are refreshed, the more positive their UX will be.

Think about the future of your software product, too. It’s better to waste a bit more time and money to make it scalable initially than try to add new features to an unscalable solution.

Take care of user data protection

Data protection is a recurring issue of those who create profile-oriented software solutions. Especially, in the last few months, after the GDPR policies update, which influences all European residents.

Notify your potential users about the fact that your software will be using their personal data. Try to do that before an app is downloaded to the smartphone.

Pay special attention to the app testing

Last but not least, testing. We’re not talking about the ‘lab testing’ where each tester has a documentation with client requirements at hand. We’re talking, first of all, about regular users - those that, in perspective, will download an app to their phone and expect it to solve particular issues.

How fast can the targeted actions be realized? Are all text sentences (especially, those enclosed in buttons) have the interconnected, reasonable meaning? Are all interface elements displayed on a device with non-standard physical dimensions (the Android software testing, really, deserves a whole separate topic of discussion)? Ultimately, is the most common monetization way - advertisement - reasonable in the aspect of your particular solution (perhaps, there is a similar app without a load of popping-up ad banners)? Try to figure out as many aspects as possible, look through each and every moment that can undermine the viability of downloading your software solution.


To sum everything up, we’d like to say that the healthcare application development is a meticulous work of developers, designers, and marketers that can create solutions focused on the extensive target audience. If you want to get a solution able to stand the competition on the market, let us, as the real professionals in the business, take up your healthcare mobile app development. WIth us, you can rest assured that your project will conquer the hearts of thousands of users in the shortest terms.

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